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Xmas Shopping

Xmas Shopping

December is fast approaching, so why not combine a holiday with your Xmas shopping trip and make the most of those bargains in the US.

Orlando in November fr £38 prpn

New York in December fr £197 prpn

Boston in December £54 prpn



From theme parks, to glorious beaches, great restaurants and nightlife - Florida has it all.

Orlando in October from £38 prpn

Miami in November from £49 prpn

Gulf Coast in January from £58 prpn

West Coast

West Coast

From the glamour of Hollywood, to the sights of San Francisco and the endless beaches of San Diego - California is the perfect destination.

San Francisco in October fr £147 prpn

San Diego in December fr £79 prpn

Los Angeles in January fr £72 prpn