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Apr 2014

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Apr 2014

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The Sunshine State has it all - theme parks, beaches and plenty of sunshine!

Orlando in April from £38 prpn

Miami in April from £66 prpn

Gulf Coast in June from £57 prpn

Exotic Beaches

Exotic Beaches

From Cuba and Barbados in the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka - we have some great offers.

Varadero, Cuba All Inclusive in April from £77 prpn

Barbados Self-catering in May from £59 prpn

Sri Lanka Half-Board in May from £50 prpn



From the modern US cities of Seattle and Chicago, to the dazzling atmosphere of Hong Kong in the Far East, there are so many citybreaks to choose from.

Hong Kong from only £75 prpn

Seatlle from only £160 prpn

Chicago from only £104 prpn